Our Services

        Teeb Al Ahmadi Company is providing four main services in term of telecom field, those services are:


Network Planning

        To be updated and creative with today market Teebco offers consulting services represnted by enhance the technical and business perfomance then dilver and operate those services efficiently as we put our experience to improve the effcienies of your wirless network, So Teebco presents full NW planning by providing strong radio Á TRM desings tp our clients, below is a brief of our scope.

Radio Planning

Network Audit

       Including Physical and database parameters audit by collecting data and give the recommendations for each element associated with benchmarking.

KPI's Audit

      Including formulas by our independent tools to reduce the human resources and pride the realistic formula that express the network status on the ground.

Network Evaluation

      By providing the suitable feature for each vendors and beanchmanrking it interm vendors. 

Transmission Planning

  • NW architecture with full dimension.

  • Full software licence plan to meet our clients requirments.

  • NW optimization to rpovide maintained NW.

  • Global NW audit to evaluate by providing the recommended solutions.

Network Deployment NIS

Our managed end-to-end service solution works on a build-operate-manage model, services extendedf from networ enfineering and build-out, to network operation and maintenance, to eventual transfer of network resources, assets, and responsibilites and below is prief of our scope in deployment and NW integeration.

BSS build-out

Site acquisition & Design

This service covers the detailed radio equipment and indoor / outdoor / installation material list required to perform CW and TI servicees, and to provide RBS/BTS room plan, site cabling design and tower/most/antenna location. A civil work detailed design report is prepared including all technical details and drawings reports.

Site Construction

Site constructions is where all constrictions of tower installation, cable tray related works and supportive systems such as battery backup, A/C are done according to the details given in the civil work detailed design report and the radio site are made ready for Telecom Implementation.

Material Planning, procurement and Worehousing

Material transfering managment with full engineering delivery management

Site Installation & Integration

Installation and construction plans for proposed antennas or modifications to existing antennas, provide site audits, spectrum management, interference studies and othe services to keep companies in compliance. We aslo maintain high standards in area of RF emissions safety.

Site Announcement

Provide full drive test with ATP to check the site performance and submit the site integaration report (SIR) to announce.

Transmission Build-out

1. Installation and testing
    a. Installation of PDH, SDH, and Ethernet/IP wireless and optical networks.
    b. Installation of infrastructure cables, and cable accessories.
    c. Supervision, installation, testing and commissioning.
    d. Material removal and cleanup
    e. Application develpment and integration

Network Integration

Infrastructure construction and furnishing of operation and contact centers.

Network Operation FLM

Teebco provide operation and maintainance the deployed network from end-to-end since it's includes:

Field Maintenance:

1. Optimation service on radio and transmission portions of the network.
2. Maintain and repair multi-vendor radio, switching, transmission, routing infrastructure.
3. Maintain and repair operations support systems.
4. Perform acceptance testing of replaced equipment.
5. Produce standard or customized reports.
6. Drive test service can by provided in GDT ( Global drive test ) to check the network performance in region level associated with recomandations.
7. Fuel suppling and distribution.
8. Rectifier installation & Dismantling.
9. Rectifer batteries supply, istallation & Dismantling.
10. Generators supply, transfer & overhauling.
11. ATS supply, installtion & dismantling.
12. Site connect to CP ( Comercial Power).
13. Generator PM ( Preventive Maintenence ).
14. Fuel tank supply & installation.

 Netowrk Operations

1. Resources network operation centers.
2. Maintain network data originating from NOC and field systems.
3. Manage workforce and dispatch field staff for optimization and repair.
4. Manage in itegrated manner muti-vendor spare part inventories.
5. Troubleshoot network faults and reslove network incidents.
6. Standarize SLAs across multi-vendor platforms.
7. Report on performance against standarized metrics and targets

Our Goals In This Part is

1. Integrated view of network operation.
2. Timely managment of incidents.
3. Reduced operational expenses.
4. Incresased customer satisfaction.

Security Services

Accourding to Iraq sitituation we provide the below services:
1. Mobile and executive prodution.
2. Static sequrity.
All the project managment personal are mainly EX. British military personnel with extensive experience from previous projects in Iraq.

Our partner for security in Al-HURREA company for security service

Teebco corporation established to cover four main services in term of telecom field:

Network planning

We offers consulting services represented by the technical and business performance.

Network Deployment NIS

Our managed end-to-end service solution works on a build-operate-manage model.

Network Operation FLM

We provide full operation and maintenance to the deployed network from end to end .

Security Services

According to the Iraq situation, We deliver a complete sercurity package.

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